Karen Dreams

First Impressions

Are you ready to meet the cute young model of your dreams? Pay a visit to Karen Dreams and you’ll see a busty brunette babe with a fine smile, big innocent eyes and a sexy body who hopes to make all your dreams come true. The tour is generous, bringing you hot picture previews and a lengthy video clip that you should really check out. It’s five minutes long and she does a very sexy striptease in which her lovely tits are exposed for your pleasure. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of the luscious babe.

Hot Promises

Browse the tour and you’ll see that Karen does webcam shows, hot home videos and plenty of picture galleries. You can see previews of all those things along with a look at the most recent additions. It looks like she adds a new photo set every four days and if you count the webcam shows and the videos this girl does tons of content. On the last page of the tour is a list of all her content and it includes 630+ picture sets, 150+ videos and hot content from her friends. That’s tons more than most solo girls can manage. Let’s head inside and see what else she offers.


There’s an event calendar on the member’s main page and it offers you a guide for when to check back and see Karen’s new content. She adds a new photo set or video 4-5 times a week and she typically does two cam shows per week. The weekends are dedicated to the cam shows; perhaps she has a day job during the week that prevents her from hitting the cam. The member’s main page also features a welcome letter from Karen and links to the latest content sets. It’s just the beginning of what promises to be a lengthy, pleasurable experience for all involved.

At the moment (March 22, 2008) there are 631 photo sets but of course that number is going to grow as each week passes. There are 15 picture galleries listed per page and for each you can download a zip file or high or regular resolution pictures, watch a slide show or simply browse the typical thumbnailed gallery. There’s also a favorites list where you can store the best galleries to have easy access to them in the future. Karen is a topless model only so while she often gets fully naked you won’t be seeing her pussy.

Karen’s content is divided into two different categories as far as I’m concerned: pre-breast implants and post-breast implants. There are roughly 300 galleries on each side of the equation and clearly she’s working towards making the site mostly about her big tits. Before the operation she had A cups at best. Now she’s a full C and they look nice and big because they’re so perky. Her philosophy hasn’t changed much in that she has always posed in sexy lingerie, bikinis and slutty outfits but now she looks better in her lingerie, bikinis and slutty outfits.

I prefer Karen with the big breasts but I can see where some of you might like her tiny teen tits. Whatever you like she’s got plenty to entertain you. The modern pictures look better thanks to higher resolutions and higher quality sets and outfits. Three quarters of her galleries feature lingerie of some sort, from sexy satin slips to bra and panty sets to costumes like a Christmas ho or a French maid. There are a few where she gets a little kinky and poses in a black latex outfit. There are also sexy dresses, tight tops, short skirts and the occasional costume dress. It all works and Karen really knows how to work the camera.

There are oodles of videos to thrill you. In the main video section you’ll find 159 clips for download. They’re high resolution at 1280x720, which means they’re going to be enormous and take quite a bit of time to download. I can assure you that it’s worth the download. I grabbed a number of files, including one in which Karen poses in a cheer outfit and bounces around her bedroom, one in which she models a sexy sheer pink baby doll and another in which she models a pair of black leather chaps. She does a good job of playing to the camera, showing off her body from every angle and insuring that you’re aroused and having a good time.

There’s a separate video section she calls Fantasy Cam and from what I can tell the only difference is that she’s more into shaking her hot booty for the camera. They all seem to be focused on that tight ass with a little bit of tit action as well. Visit the webcam section and you’ll see a countdown to the next show as well as a link to the archive. There are 116 videos in the archive and each can be downloaded. It looks like she archives roughly half her shows so you should really tune in for the actual show if you want to see them all. She gets quite naughty for her fans, usually stripping naked, playing with her tits, shaking her ass in front of the camera and more.

The candids section features photo galleries taken out and about in the world. Karen goes to dinner, goes on vacation or just plays around the house. There are pictures of her doggy too. In the outtakes section you see pictures that didn’t make it into the gallery for one reason or another. The amusing sets are those in which she’s goofing around. She has produced fifteen wallpapers for members that want to decorate their desktop as well. Some feature her nude and others clothed in lingerie or a bikini. Finally there’s a forum where you can share your thoughts with Karen herself.

Croco’s Opinion

Karen Dreams is one of the best solo young girl sites on the web. Most of these babes do a hundred photo sets and then get tired of working so hard and give up. Karen has produced more than 600 so far and she shows no signs of letting up. She produces videos on a regular basis as well and there’s at least one webcam show per week. No doubt she continues to work hard because she’s so successful and she’s so successful because she’s so ridiculously beautiful. Take one look at her in a sexy lingerie set and I promise you’ll feel your balls tingling with desire. The girl doesn’t know how to do ugly.


The member’s area is well organized and easy to use, although there are some technical issues when browsing the image galleries that make it difficult to find pages 10-40.

Pricing Policy

The first 30 days access is $34.95 and it’s $29.95 every 30 days after that.

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